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Here, learning comes alive

At Tryk På Skolen, we are passionate about developing graphic designs for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary education, which create high quality for children and young people's learning and well-being

As educated primary school teachers with many years of experience both as a teacher and graphic designer, we know the value of creating an inclusive, active and creative learning environment

We are a small, locally rooted company in North Jutland, which uses local partners to ensure you a high-quality product

  • Professional advice

    As trained school teachers, we know the importance of an inspiring learning environment.

    We are ready to advise you in relation to designs, activating learning and creative solutions.

  • Workshops

    Book a workshop and we facilitate an activating process which opens up curiosity, creativity and different ways of looking at the learning environment and the learning of children and young people.

  • Quality all the way

    As a graphic company, we make use of local partners so that we can ensure that your product is quality-checked before dispatch, from start to finish.

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About Pressure on the School

At Tryk På Skolen, the mission is to create innovative solutions within graphic design and visual learning for kindergartens, primary schools and secondary education. We understand the importance of an inclusive learning environment, where professionalism, well-being and active learning go hand in hand.

With our specially designed graphic solutions, we create inspiring teaching environments that promote student engagement and understanding. From colorful wall decorations, activating floor foil to co-creative whiteboard foil - we have it all.

Our approach to visual learning not only enhances students' academic performance, but also their social and emotional development.

When you shop at Tryk På Skolen, you are not only supporting a local company in North Jutland, but also a dedicated group of primary school teachers with expertise in inclusive learning environments.

We use local partners for printing and particularly unique drawing tasks that are adapted to your needs by skilled graphic designers.

Our experience in creating inclusive and activating learning environments stems from our own time as primary school teachers. We know that when we include all children, self-esteem, well-being, the sense of belonging and feeling valuable increases. With us, it is therefore about creating space for us to treat each other equally, by treating each other differently.

Together, let's create a learning environment where all students thrive and succeed.