Installation instructions

With these installation instructions, you can install many of our foil prints yourself without any problems. We have made a guide for you, which makes it easy to apply the foil correctly.

These instructions are primarily for the installation of foils under 2 m2. In addition, you should have an installer with experience in applying foil to help you.


Follow these foil installation instructions for best results.

The foil is mounted on a flat object , such as linoleum, window, door or flat wall. Objects with unevenness (tiles, bricks, wallpaper etc.) should be avoided, as this affects the durability of the adhesive.

Make sure that the object to which the foil is to be applied is completely clean . Dirt and dirt impair the durability of the adhesive and in the worst case can destroy the foil.

Make a mixture with 1 liter of water, 6 drops of sulfo and a small splash of alcohol. The mixture can, among other things, be made in an atomizer or bowl. Spray water onto the item the foil is to be mounted on – with water it is easier to avoid air pockets. The foil can be lifted again a few times if air pockets occur during installation.

Pay attention to whether the surface absorbs liquid (linoleum) before choosing to use water in the installation. If it does, install without liquid or limited amount.

Put any masking tape around the foil or in the middle of the foil so that the foil does not slip during application. Note whether air holes have appeared between the foil and the back during transport. Use a scraper to remove these before mounting.

Gradually peel off the paper on the back of the foil and then fit the foil onto the workpiece quietly with a scraper. Start possibly with a corner, edge or center on and first mount half of the foil by gradually removing the backing paper gradually.

Use a scraper (window scraper) to fit the foil and scrape away air holes and water between the foil and the item. IMPORTANT ! The water must be scraped off completely, otherwise "water pockets" form between the item and the foil. Let the adhesive dry for approx. 24 hours.

Should air pockets occur, these can be punctured with a very thin needle, after which the foil can be stuck to the substrate.


The film can be washed in general. water and soap. Avoid large washing machines for best results and long shelf life.

For warranty and long shelf life follow these guidelines:

  • Make the area around the foil shoe-free
  • Avoid large washing machines, furniture etc. directly on the foil
  • Avoid dirt under and on the foil products
  • Avoid placing foil in areas with high foot traffic

Carefully follow our installation instructions and maintenance recommendations. Your warranty is dependent on correct handling of the product.