Product info

At Tryk På Skolen, we are very focused on delivering high-quality graphic designs on products to you. We therefore ensure the quality of your product from start to finish. We do this by only using local suppliers, with whom we work closely throughout the entire process.

Below you can read about our foil products:

The advantage of working closely with our wide range of partners is that we can solve most tasks, big or small.

Floor foil

White glossy 100my foil with gray removable acrylic adhesive. Easy to mount on flat surfaces.

Apply heavy laminate: Approved for sports halls (R10). Tested for 6 months with regular foot traffic.

Whiteboard laminate on foil

Laminate: Strong clear whiteboard laminate with incredible durability.

Can be cleaned with a sponge, whiteboard cleaner, surface cleaner or graffiti cleaner.

Has adhesive that is initially low tack so laminate can be repositioned, but becomes strong permanently after 2 days. Can turn many surfaces into whiteboards. Also resistant to chemicals.

Magnetic foil

White matt 500my magnetic foil with black back.