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Ruler 100 cm

Ruler 100 cm

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A ruler is not just a simple measuring tool; it is also a necessity in any learning context. Our 100 cm ruler on floor foil with durable laminate or wall foil is designed to be a practical and educational resource for teachers and educators in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

With our 100 cm ruler, students can explore and learn about measurement and proportions in an interactive way. They can practically take measurements and compare sizes directly on the floor, giving them a practical understanding of mathematical concepts such as length, centimeters and millimeters.

The key words for our 100 cm ruler are learning, activity and professionalism. By integrating this tool into teaching, teachers and educators can create a meaningful learning experience that strengthens students' mathematical skills and conceptual understanding.

Our floor foil with durable laminate or wall foil ensures that the ruler can withstand daily use and wear in the teaching environment. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for school classrooms and institutions.

Integrate our 100 cm ruler into your teaching to create an interactive and engaging learning experience for students. With our ruler, you invest in a quality resource that promotes learning, activity, professionalism, togetherness, well-being, play and quality in the classroom.

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