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The UN's 17 Global Goals

The UN's 17 Global Goals

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Decorating with the UN's 17 Global Goals is important for several reasons:

  1. Awareness and Education: By placing the Global Goals visibly in school, we create awareness of the global challenges that our society is facing. This contributes to an understanding among students about the importance of sustainability, social justice and environmental responsibility.

  2. Inspiring Action: Making the World Goals visible in the school environment inspires students to take action and take part in the solutions to these challenges. It creates a sense of responsibility and commitment to contribute positively to society and the world as a whole.

  3. Integration in Teaching: By integrating the World Goals into teaching across subjects, we create a coherent approach to learning. Students can see how the academic subjects and their actions can contribute to meeting the Global Goals, which provides a meaningful and relevant learning experience.

The value of placing the World Goals on floors and walls with foil lies in their visibility and accessibility:

  1. Constant Reminder: By placing the Global Goals in visible places such as floors and walls, students are constantly reminded of their importance. This creates a daily reminder of the importance of sustainability and global responsibility.

  2. Visual Stimulation: The visual presentation of the Global Goals makes them more engaging and memorable for students. It creates a lively and dynamic school environment that inspires reflection and action.

  3. Inclusion of All: The placement of the Global Goals on floors and walls makes them accessible to all students, regardless of where they are in the school. This ensures that the message of sustainability and global responsibility reaches everyone and that no one is overlooked.

Overall, decorating the primary school with the UN's 17 Global Goals and placing them on floors and walls with foil is a powerful way to create awareness, engagement and action for a more sustainable and just world.

The world measures are delivered contour-cut and measure 20 x 20 cm per PCS.

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