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Tables 1 - 10 in rows

Tables 1 - 10 in rows

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The 1-10 tables printed on contour cut rows are the perfect tool to promote maths teaching in an interactive and engaging way. This durable laminate foil allows teachers and educators to create a stimulating learning environment that promotes students' understanding of basic mathematical concepts.

With our floor foil with the tables 1-10 in rows, teachers and educators can create dynamic teaching activities that help students learn and memorize the tables in a fun and interactive way. By visualizing the tables on the floor, students can actively participate in learning by jumping or walking to the correct answer, promoting body awareness and motor learning.

The key words for our floor foil with tables 1-10 in rows are learning, activity and professionalism. By integrating this resource into teaching, teachers and educators can create an inclusive learning experience where all students, regardless of level, can participate and learn at their own pace.

Our 1-10 rows of tables floor foil is made from high quality, durable material, ensuring it can withstand daily use in the classroom without losing its function or aesthetic appeal. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical and durable investment for any school or institution.

Integrate our floor foil with tables 1-10 in rows into your maths lessons to create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that will motivate and challenge students in new ways. With our product, you invest in quality and learning and give your students a unique opportunity to learn and grow through practical and interactive learning.

Create a dynamic learning environment by placing the tables from 1 to 10 on our floor foil in rows on e.g. the stairs.

The design is delivered on floor foil with durable laminate, the tables are contour cut just to be placed where it makes the most sense for you.

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