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Steppie Balance board

Steppie Balance board

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Steppie Balance Board

Steppie helps you to a more physically active and healthier life in the office. With a Steppie you can stand comfortably and for much longer.

The reason for this is that on a Steppie you are moving a bit = dynamic, instead of standing still = static. The body has a much easier time with dynamic load than static. Therefore, with Steppie you can stand up for such a long time that it really makes a difference to your health.

Steppie does away with sedentary behavior and gives your body exactly the movement it needs when you work at your desk.

Steppie Soft Top

The Steppie Soft Top raises the concept of relief mat to a higher level. The unique bubbles are designed according to reflexology principles. Your feet get positive feedback when you step on the bubbles, and they make the Steppie Soft Top dynamic and alive to stand on.

With Steppie and Steppie Soft Top, you combine the active movement for your whole body with soft and delicious comfort for your feet. A perfect combination for standing office work. You can stand on Steppie in all kinds of footwear. In stockings or bare feet, you get a unique, soft zone therapy due to the bubbles' special construction.

A unique advantage that you can get with Steppie is that the Soft Top is easily clicked on and off. You can put it in the washing machine, along with a few towels, if it needs it.

Steppie stands out

Steppie differs significantly from other similar products. It is designed based on knowledge of the body's needs and functions during standing work. Therefore:

• Steppie cannot tilt backwards. 360° movement will invariably lead to resting on the heels, which is decidedly harmful to health.

• Steppie is completely flat on the surface, unlike several others, which have a curved surface. A curved surface leads to inward rotation of the foot joint, which propagates to the knee joint, hip joint and back. It damages the joints in the long run.

• Steppie is wider than most others, so that you can get a natural position with your feet hip-width apart.

• With Steppie, you get BOTH a relief mat AND a balance board in one solution.

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