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Floor Circles 15 pcs.

Floor Circles 15 pcs.

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Floor circles in different colors are a versatile and engaging resource designed to promote learning and activity in the classroom. Our floor foil with durable laminate has been specially developed to meet the needs of teachers and pedagogues in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools.

This set of 15 circles in different sizes and colors opens up a wide range of learning opportunities. With these circles, you can create interactive learning environments where students can participate actively in various activities and exercises. They can, for example, be used to mark places in the class, create play areas or create a path to follow during physical activities.

Nudging is an effective educational approach, and these floor circles allow for just that. By placing them strategically around the classroom, you can encourage students to participate in certain activities or directions without having to give direct instructions. This creates an environment where learning occurs naturally through interaction and exploration.

Our floor foil with durable laminate ensures long-term durability and can be easily cleaned after use. It is a practical and reliable choice for use in educational environments where durability is essential.

Integrate these floor circles into your teaching to create a stimulating and interactive learning experience that promotes learning, nudging, activity, professionalism, togetherness, well-being, play and quality. With our floor circles, you invest in a valuable tool that will enrich your teaching and help create a dynamic and engaging learning environment for your students.

Number and measurements:

  • 4 pieces in 30×30 cm
  • 2 pieces in 25×25 cm
  • 3 pieces in 20×20 cm
  • 4 pieces in 15×15 cm
  • 2 pieces in 10×10 cm

Material: Floor foil with durable laminate

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