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Our protractor is an indispensable tool in mathematics education, helping students to understand and work with angles in a practical and visual way. Specially designed for use in the classroom, this protractor is made of high-quality durable material, floor foil with durable laminate, ensuring long-lasting durability and ease of use.

With our protractor, teachers and educators can create dynamic teaching environments where students can explore and experiment with different types of angles. By using the protractor in the classroom, students can learn about concepts such as right angles, acute angles, obtuse angles and much more in a hands-on way that makes it easy for them to understand and remember.

Our protractor is also a great tool for integrating play and activity into maths teaching. By having students manipulate the protractor and perform various exercises and tasks, teachers can create engaging teaching activities that promote learning and togetherness in the classroom.

The target group for our protractor is teachers and pedagogues in kindergartens, primary schools and secondary schools who want to enrich their mathematics teaching with practical and visual tools of high quality. With our protractor, they can create a stimulating learning experience that will help students develop their math skills and understanding in a fun and meaningful way.

Overall, our protractor is a fantastic tool to strengthen learning, activity and professionalism in mathematics teaching. Place it, for example, under a door and discover the educational effect. With its help, students can gain a deeper understanding of angles and geometric concepts and build a solid mathematical foundation for the future.

Dimensions: 140 x 70 cm

Material: Floor foil with durable laminate

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