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The limping flea

The limping flea

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The hopscotch is a fantastic resource for promoting motor skills and learning in children in kindergartens and primary schools. This floor foil with durable laminate version of the Hinkeloppen was created with the aim of creating a stimulating and fun learning experience that engages the children in an interactive way.

With Hinkeloppen you can create an activity zone that inspires movement and learning. The colorful and inviting design of the Hinkeloppen attracts children's attention and motivates them to explore and participate in various motor activities. By jumping, running and moving along the Hinkeloppen, the children develop their motor skills while learning and having fun.

By integrating Hinkeloppen into teaching, teachers and educators can create a dynamic and engaging learning experience that supports the children's development on several levels. The children not only learn about motor skills and movement, but they also develop their cognitive and social skills through play and togetherness.

Our floor foil with durable laminate ensures that Hinkeloppen can withstand daily use and wear and tear in the teaching environment. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical and durable choice for teachers and educators.

Integrate the Hinkeloppen into your teaching to create a fun and stimulating learning experience for the children. With Hinkeloppen you invest in a quality resource that promotes learning, motor skills, activity, professionalism, togetherness, well-being, play and quality in the children's everyday life.

The limp measures approx. 60 x 130 cm.

Supplied on floor foil with durable laminate

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